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May 10, 2018 / Press Release

ICYMI: KC Star: AG Josh Hawley is investigating Greitens again. Will the outcome be any different?

The Kansas City Star did a deep dive this morning into Attorney General Josh Hawley's record of conducting sham investigations to cover for Governor Eric Greitens, until it became politically untenable for Hawley to do so. Former Attorney General's office employee Andy Hirth said, “It's pretty clear [Hawley] did almost nothing" in his initial investigations of the Governor, "and assuming he's being more thorough now, that just raises questions on why he wasn't before.” Former Missouri Supreme Court chief justice Michael Wolff told the Star that Hawley’s “excuses” for not going harder against the Governor won't hold up “because first of all they're not true.”

May 9, 2018 / Press Release

ICYMI: Vice President Pence Cancels Fundraiser with Hawley as Hawley’s Fundraising Problems Grow

After Josh Hawley posted yet another lackluster fundraising quarter, Vice President Mike Pence was scheduled to come to Missouri today to help Hawley turn around his struggling campaign. Unfortunately for Hawley, Pence canceled the trip last month in the wake of Governor Greitens' legal troubles -- which may soon envelop the Vice President's Chief of Staff, Nick Ayers.

May 8, 2018 / Press Release

ICYMI: Washington Post Editorial Board: Americans are starting to suffer from Trump’s health-care sabotage

The Washington Post Editorial Board yesterday slammed Republican efforts to sabotage health care, noting that "rather than fixing the [ACA]'s problems, Republicans have done concrete things to worsen them." Republicans' actions -- including repealing the Affordable Care Act's individual mandate through the GOP tax plan -- have lead directly to an decrease in coverage and an increase in costs, predominately impacting low-income Americans.

May 8, 2018 / Press Release

ICYMI: Subpoena Issued for Documents Related to Hawley’s Sham Confide Investigation

KMIZ yesterday reported that Attorney General Josh Hawley's office has been subpoenaed for all documents connected to its substandard investigation into Governor Greitens' use of text message-deleting app, Confide. This subpoena follows serious questions about the credibility of Hawley's investigation. Hawley cleared the Governor of wrongdoing despite the fact that he did not attempt to retrieve any of the Governor or his staff's Confide messages, relied heavily on staff testimony, and did not attempt to interview the Governor or challenge the Governor’s assertion of executive privilege.

May 4, 2018 / Press Release

Flashback Friday: Republicans Still Sabotaging Health Care System One Year After Voting to Repeal the Affordable Care Act

One year ago today, Republicans in the House passed a bill designed to repeal the Affordable Care Act. According to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), the Republican plan would have increased the number of people without health insurance by 14 million this year and by 23 million in 2026. While Republicans were unable to get the bill through the Senate, they have continued their efforts to sabotage the American health care system.

May 2, 2018 / Press Release

ICYMI: GOP Tax Bill Benefits Big Corporations and Executives Instead of Workers

Republican Senator Marco Rubio said this week that while big corporations have enjoyed savings from the Republican tax bill, "there's no evidence whatsoever that the money's been massively poured back into the American worker." Instead, that money is going into the pockets of shareholders and corporate executives. CNBC reports that U.S. companies are set "to return a record $1 trillion to shareholders in form of buybacks and dividends this year."

May 2, 2018 / Press Release

ICYMI: Washington Post: Trump’s former health secretary says Americans will pay more because GOP weakened the Affordable Care Act

Yesterday, the Washington Post reported that former Trump administration Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price admitted Tuesday that "the Republican tax law would raise the cost of health insurance for some Americans because it repealed a core provision of the Affordable Care Act." The Congressional Budget Office has projected that repealing the individual mandate will also result in 13 million fewer insured Americans by 2027.

May 1, 2018 / Press Release

ICYMI: In the Wake of GOP Health Care Attacks, 4 Million Americans Lose Coverage

Today, a new study from the Commonwealth Fund finds that four million Americans have lost healthcare coverage since 2016 thanks to Republican efforts to sabotage the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The study notes that the rising uninsured rate is due to the Trump administration’s decision to shorten the marketplace open-enrollment period while also cutting the advertising and outreach that would promote enrollment. To date, coverage losses have disproportionally hit lower income families.

April 26, 2018 / Press Release

#TBT: Josh Hawley Refuses to Investigate Biggest Donor for Pay-to-Play

One year ago, Josh Hawley announced during an interview with KCUR that he would not investigate allegations of a pay-to-play scandal involving Hawley's largest campaign donor, David Humphreys. Despite being elected on a promise to clean up corruption in Jefferson City, Hawley ignored lawmakers on both sides of the aisle as they expressed serious concerns over the controversy and declined their calls to investigate.

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