June 20, 2017/Media

Hypocrisy Roundup: Missouri’s GOP Officeholders Once Criticized Transparent Health Care Process, Now Hide Their Health Overhaul Behind Closed Doors

As Republicans in the Senate are secretly assembling a health care overhaul, the Missouri Democratic Party is highlighting the naked hypocrisy of Missouri’s Republican officeholders who once criticized the much more open and transparent process on health care reform in 2010 – but are now silent as their party leaders hide the GOP health care overhaul behind closed doors.

The U.S. House-passed version of the GOP’s health care overhaul would spike costs for older Missourians and gut protections for individuals who’ve been sick before and have a pre-existing condition. Recent polling indicates that the GOP’s House-passed health care bill is incredibly unpopular, finding that only 8% of Americans believe the U.S. Senate should pass the legislation.

“Republicans in DC are hiding their health care overhaul because they know it’s an unpopular economic disaster that would spike costs for older folks and gut protections for Missourians who’ve been sick before and have a pre-existing condition. Missourians deserve better than Republican officeholders who play politics with their health and financial security.”

Missouri Democratic Party Chair Stephen Webber

Among others, Missouri’s Republican officeholders who criticized the much more open and transparent process used to pass the Affordable Care Act include:

  • Senator Roy Blunt criticized President Obama, saying he “rammed his health care law through Congress, without a single Republican vote.”
  • Congressman Blaine Luetkemeyer (MO3) said the Affordable Care Act was “forced upon hard-working Americans.”
  • Congressman Sam Graves(MO6said the process used to pass current health law led to “confusion and a lack of transparency.”
  • Congressman Bill Long (MO7) criticized Democrats for using “parliamentary tactics” to pass the Affordable Care Act.
  • Congressman Jason Smith (MO8) said it was “insulting” that Democrats “would force Obamacare through Congress.”