March 3, 2019/Media

Affirmative Action & Delegate Selection Committee Notice

Dear MDP State Committee Members –

In accordance with the Democratic National Committee’s requirements for State Party delegate selection plans and 2020 Democratic National Convention planning, today MDP Chair Jean Peters Baker appointed the following individuals to serve on the Missouri Democratic Party Affirmative Action and Delegate Selection Committee:

Mary Elizabeth Dorsey, CD1
Clem Smith, CD1
Rae English, CD2
Amanda Kelley, CD3
Shelley Hoffman, CD3
David Seamon, CD4
Yvonne Reeves-Chong, CD 4
Keith Thomas, CD5
Barbara Washington, CD5
Chade Shorten, CD6
Nanda Nunnelly-Sparks, CD7
Lukas Payne, CD7
Alisha Coles, CD7
Cindy Jenks, CD8
Ethan Smith, CD8  

Per Missouri Democratic Party Bylaws SECTION 1.07 – 5:

Affirmative Action and Delegate Selection Committee – This committee shall be composed of fifteen (15) members, at least one (1) member of which comes from each congressional district and is responsible for drafting affirmative action and delegate selection plans for state and national party conferences and conventions as required by the Democratic National Committee. Such plans should provide for among other things, representation in delegations and on committees at such national conferences and conventions by Democratic members of minority groups, Native Americans, women, senior citizens and youth in numbers reasonably approximating their presence in Missouri‘s electorate.

Members of this committee will hereafter be submitted to the Democratic National Committee Rules & Bylaws Committee (DNC RBC) to fulfill the March 1st appointment deadline. Chair Jean Peters Baker remarked, “We are excited to take this first step toward planning Missouri’s 2020 Democratic State Convention and Democratic National Convention in 2020. We have appointed a diverse group of active Democrats representing every corner of Missouri who will lead the charge in developing and implementing our Affirmative Action Plan and Outreach and Inclusion Program.”

The 15 Affirmative Action and Delegate Selection Committee members will work with MDP Director of Party Affairs and Outreach, Andrew Storey, to begin work on our 2020 Delegate Selection plan. Please reach out to Andrew Storey or committee members for any feedback, questions, and suggestions.


Lauren Gepford
Executive Director