March 16, 2018/Media

5 Ways Eric Greitens is Not Celebrating Sunshine Week

This Sunshine Week, Eric Greitens has remained secretive, corrupt, and dishonest. We decided to highlight the top 5 ways he’s been dodging Missourians (and yes, there are gifs).

1. The Confide App

Eric Greitens and his staff were investigated for using an app that deletes messages after they are read, making it impossible to sunshine the communication between the governor’s team. Greitens’ friend, AG Josh Hawley, was too busy running for office to lead a legitimate investigation.


2. The Dark Money

Greitens still hides his donors behind his dark money organizations, bringing to question who our governor is actually working for. We can only assume that his attacks on Missouri public schools, worker’s rights, and healthcare are coming from people he doesn’t want us to know about.


3. The Dark(er) Money

Greitens recently opened a new legal defense fund disguised as another organization so he can disguise his donors. Yet another opportunity for Greitens to cut deals with his big money donors at the expense of working Missourians.


4. The Nondisclosure Agreements

Greitens made all of his campaign and transition staff sign nondisclosure agreements, specifically stating that they are not allowed to discuss donor lists. Shady, especially considering the ongoing investigation into whether or not he illegally stole a donor list from his nonprofit The Mission Continues.


5. The Affidavit

After it became clear that Greitens can’t be trusted, the Missouri Democratic Party called on him to sign an affidavit to legally certify answers to the questions he’s been dodging. After seven weeks, Greitens still hasn’t signed this affidavit, and he’s still showing no signs of doing so. It seems like we’ll never know where the lies start and end with sunshine-hating Greitens.


BONUS: Don’t forget Eric Greitens STILL hasn’t released his tax returns.