October 18, 2018 / Media

Play Along During Tonight’s Debate: Chutes and Ladders, Josh Hawley Edition

Josh Hawley is betting that he can get through tonight's debate on recycled falsehoods about Senator Claire McCaskill's family, deflections about his own record, and empty promises about what he would do in the Senate. To help hold him accountable, we've built a special Josh Hawley edition of Chutes and Ladders. Cut out your very own Josh Hawley game pieces to play along.

June 20, 2017 / Media

Hypocrisy Roundup: Missouri’s GOP Officeholders Once Criticized Transparent Health Care Process, Now Hide Their Health Overhaul Behind Closed Doors

As Republicans in the Senate are secretly assembling a health care overhaul, the Missouri Democratic Party is highlighting the naked hypocrisy of Missouri’s Republican officeholders who once criticized the much more open and transparent process on health care reform in 2010 - but are now silent as their party leaders hide the GOP health care overhaul behind closed doors.

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