June 23, 2017 / Blog

Senate Healthcare Bill Puts Pressure on GOP Officeholders in Jefferson City

As Missouri’s top statewide Republican officeholders — Governor Eric Greitens, Lt. Governor Mike Parson, and Attorney General Josh Hawley — remain silent on the GOP’s healthcare overhaul, national reports are highlighting how the legislation would force statewide officials to make critical decisions about the future of healthcare for their residents.

June 23, 2017 / Blog

Missourians Woke Up To a Healthcare Disaster: “Governor could set coverage limits”

The morning after Republican U.S. Senate leaders finally unveiled their secret healthcare overhaul, Missourians woke up to the front-page news that, in addition to slashing healthcare resources, the GOP’s bill would give top statewide Republicans including the Governor new authority to make critical decisions about whether or not to gut healthcare throughout the state, with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporting that “Governors could set coverage limits.”

June 20, 2017 / Blog

The Hypocrisy of Missouri’s Republicans on Health Care

As Republicans in the Senate are secretly assembling a health care overhaul, it’s important to highlight the naked hypocrisy of Missouri’s Republican officeholders who once criticized the much more open and transparent process on health care reform in 2010 — but are now silent as their party leaders hide the GOP health care overhaul behind closed doors.

June 12, 2017 / Blog

Senate GOP Hides from Trumpcare Just Like Missouri’s Republicans

As reports are making clear that Republicans in the U.S. Senate are planning to hide their draft Trumpcare bill from the American people until the last possible second, the Missouri Democratic Party is highlighting how Missouri’s Republicans in-particular have been running and hiding from the GOP’s disastrous and unpopular health care agenda.

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