September 13, 2017/Blog

VIDEO: Missouri Republican Party Chairman Has No Clue His Own Party Hiked Drug Costs for Over 60K Seniors

In a Facebook live interview with the Kansas City Star yesterday, Missouri Republican Party Chairman Todd Graves made clear that he has no clue that officeholders in his own Party recently hiked prescription drug costs for over 60,000 Missouri seniors by slashing the Missouri Rx program.

When asked a question about what Republicans are doing to help seniors with higher prescription drug costs, Graves responded by saying: “That’s a very broad question. I’m not the legislative guy… that’s not something I have much information about.”

After the Kansas City Star’s Colleen Nelson followed up by clarifying that the Governor and Republican-led Legislature recently signed off on policy changes that increased prescription drug costs for seniors, Graves responded by bumbling through a legislative scenario unrelated to the 60,000 seniors now facing higher prescription drug costs.

Emma Jo Mudd, 94, lives in Hannibal and is facing higher costs for her prescription drugs following cuts to the MORx program, according to the Hannibal Courier-Post. (Photo Salt River Journal)

“It looks like part of the Republican strategy for dealing with the harmful effects of their cuts to healthcare is ignoring the over 60,000 Missouri seniors now facing higher prescription drug costs,” 

Missouri Democratic Party Chair Stephen Webber.

Marjorie Prunty, 74, lives in Northland and is now paying higher prices for her medication because of GOP budget cuts, according to Fox 4 News (Photo from Fox 4 News)