July 10, 2017/Blog

#Trumpcare will Hurt Missouri’s Budget, But Republicans in Jeff City are Still Hiding

In contrast to numerous Republican governors raising alarms about the GOP’s disastrous healthcare overhaul, Missouri’s top GOP statewide officials are still refusing to discuss how the unpopular bill would devastate the State’s budget.

As USA Today is reporting that the Republican healthcare overhaul in the U.S. Senate ‘could cost Missouri millions of dollars’ in healthcare resources, Missouri’s top Republican statewide officeholders are still refusing to discuss how the bill would damage Missouri’s budget.

In contrast to Republican governors from states including Ohio, Nevada, and Arizona who are speaking out against the legislation, Governor Eric Greitens will not say “whether his administration has done an analysis of the GOP bill’s impact on Missouri.” Missouri’s Department of Health and Senior Services has refused to comment, according to the USA Today report.

Top Republican statewide officials in Jefferson City such as Lt. Governor Mike Parson, Attorney General Josh Hawley, Treasurer Eric Schmitt, and Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft are also hiding from how the GOP’s healthcare overhaul would inflict fiscal damage on the State’s budget.

“While Republican statewide officials around the country are speaking out to protect their states from this unpopular overhaul, Missouri’s Republicans in Jefferson City are putting their political party and personal ambitions over healthcare for Missouri’s working families.”

Missouri Democratic Party Chair Stephen Webber