August 9, 2017/Blog

Shady Dark Money Groups Spending Big to Try to Stop the Grassroots Petition to Repeal So-Called Right to Work

The Kansas City Star is reporting today that dark money is “pouring” into a campaign to stop the grassroots movement from Missouri’s workers to repeal so-called right to work legislation.

The report specifically mentions that the dark money group “American Democracy Alliance” and the Governor’s dark money group called “A New Missouri, Inc.” are both funneling money into other organizations aimed at stopping the petition to repeal right to work.

“So-called right to work legislation puts a thumb on the scale in favor of billionaires and big corporations, so it’s unfortunately no surprise that Eric Greitens and his shady dark money backers are trying to undermine the grassroots movement to repeal it.”

Missouri Democratic Party Chair Stephen Webber

Earlier this summer, Governor Eric Greitens bragged about his anti-worker agenda at a private retreat of millionaire and billionaire political donors in Colorado associated with the Koch Brothers.