June 12, 2017/Blog

Senate GOP Hides from Trumpcare Just Like Missouri’s Republicans

As reports are making clear that Republicans in the U.S. Senate are planning to hide their draft Trumpcare bill from the American people until the last possible second, the Missouri Democratic Party is highlighting how Missouri’s Republicans in-particular have been running and hiding from the GOP’s disastrous and unpopular health care agenda.

Since rushing to vote for the U.S. House-passed Trumpcare bill before even an analysis of its impact from the Congressional Budget Office, none of Missouri’s Members of Congress have held a public town hall with Missourians.

Missouri’s statewide Republican leaders — including Governor Eric Greitens, Lt. Governor Mike Parson, and Attorney General Josh Hawley — have been silent on Trumpcare, even as key provisions of the legislation defer health policy decisions to state leaders.

And a key U.S. Senate Republican Chairman made clear last week that GOP leaders will not hold any public Senate hearings on the sweeping legislation.

Missouri Democratic Party Chair Stephen Webber stated:

“It’s not at all surprising that Republicans in the Senate would prefer to hide behind closed doors while secretly writing a health care bill to spike costs and rip away coverage from folks who’ve been sick before. Missouri’s Republicans in the U.S. House have been ducking constituents ever since voting for Trumpcare and statewide Republicans like Eric Greitens, Josh Hawley, and Mike Parson have left us completely in the dark on what they’re planning for Missourians’ health care.”