March 26, 2018/Blog

Play Along in the #GreitensFinalFour

Among all the other madness this March, Missourians have continued to watch Governor Eric Greitens get sucked deeper and deeper into a number of different scandals.

That’s why we’re highlighting four of his biggest unethical actions with the #GreitensFinalFour, where we put four Greitens scandals head-to-head to see which one Missourians think is the most shameful.

Follow along on Twitter and Facebook this week and vote in these match-ups on Wednesday, March 28, and Friday, March 30.

Meet the Scandals

Felony Indictment:

Eric Greitens has demonstrated that he has no interest in telling Missourians the truth about his blackmail allegations — in fact, he’s made it a priority to blame anyone but himself as the cause of his legal woes.

Dark Money Organizations:

From the dark money group he uses to promote himself across the state to the legal defense fund set up in his name, it’s clear that Eric Greitens doesn’t want us to know who’s really funding his administration.

Where Are His Tax Returns?:

Without knowing where Eric Greitens gets his money, it’s impossible to know which special interest groups he answers to above ordinary Missourians.

Sunshine Violations:

Season highlight — when Eric Greitens was busted for using an app that automatically deletes messages and was then investigated for violating open records laws, his friend Attorney General Josh Hawley came in with the assist to get his buddy out of the mess.