January 10, 2018/Blog

MEMO: The State of the State is Corrupt Under Gov. Greitens

TO: Interested Parties
FROM: Stephen Webber, Chair of the Missouri Democratic Party
DATE: January 10, 2018
RE: The State of the State is Corrupt Under Gov. Greitens

When Governor Eric Greitens addresses legislators in Jefferson City this evening, he will be delivering his second “State of the State” from a pulpit that has been tainted by his corruption, never-ending scandals, and overall lack of values beyond an allegiance to dark money donors and billionaires.

After running on a promise to clean up corruption in politics, Eric Greitens has done the exact opposite. In 2017, he received a fine for violating campaign ethics law and faced bipartisan calls for investigation. There’s also been non-stop questions about dark money and an unprecedented level of secrecy surrounding the Governor’s Mansion. He’s also in legal trouble for allegedly breaking state public records law and used his time in the Governor’s mansion to spend nearly two months traveling around the country to promote himself at political events.

But most importantly, the fact that Eric Greitens is the most corrupt politician in the state of Missouri is directly hurting working Missourians:

  • Eric Greitens couldn’t pass his signature campaign ethics pledge because it collapsed “under the weight of increasing criticism of his own ethics.”
  • Eric Greitens opted to spike prescription drug costs for over 60,000 seniors in Missouri to protect the handouts Republicans gave big corporations.
  • After causing healthcare cuts for up to 8,000 seniors and people with disabilities by vetoing a bipartisan solution, Eric Greitens skipped townfor events in Iowa, Nebraska, Virginia, and Michigan instead of working with legislators to find a solution.
  • Instead of helping Missourians suffering from the opioid crisis by creating a real statewide Prescription Drug Monitoring Program, Eric Greitens posed for a photo-op and gave a $250,000 no-bid contract to a pharmaceutical company that donated an undisclosed amount of money to his inauguration.
  • Eric Greitens has refused to say whether the out-of-state firms he awarded state contracts to over in-state businesses have given to his dark money group or not.
  • By playing bumbling political games aimed at earning kudos from anti-public school billionaire donors like Secretary Betsy DeVos, Greitens has fought teachers and unnecessarily brought the functionality of the State Board of Education to a halt.
  • In order to please extreme conservative donors, Governor Eric Greitens held an unnecessary and expensive special session to restrict access to healthcare for women.
  • After announcing over $250 million in expenditure restrictions and other harmful cuts to healthcare, public education and wages at the last-minute before a Holiday weekend, Eric Greitens tried to cover it up by using his dark money group to launch TV ads.