August 26, 2019/Blog

MDP Officers Call on Governor Parson to Include Gun Violence in Special Session

Kansas City, MO (August 26, 2019) – Officers of the Missouri Democratic Party are calling on Governor Parson to expand the scope of the upcoming special session to include legislation allowing areas experiencing high levels of violent gun crime to pass their own measures in an effort to reduce the bloodshed and violence communities are facing. Officers support and stand with the Missouri Legislative Black Caucus and their effort to make Missouri a safe place to grow up and prosper.

In a joint statement, Chair Jean Peters Baker, Vice Chair Clem Smith, Secretary Rev. Darryl Gray, and Treasurer Cydney Mayfield stated:

“Gun violence has become an epidemic in three of Missouri’s largest cities. Another child lost their life this weekend in St. Louis. The effects of gun violence leave generational scars. Something has to be done. Children need their legislators to stand up and protect them and that is what we and the Missouri Legislative Black Caucus are asking for the Governor to do. We cannot sit idly by, debating the tax incentives on multiple trade-in vehicles, when Missouri’s children are dying. Nothing can be more important than protecting young Missourians, and we call on Governor Parson to include gun violence and common-sense gun reform in this special session.”