May 3, 2018/Blog

What We Learned From Eric Greitens’ Personal Financial Disclosure

Since he took office, Eric Greitens has proven himself to be a prolific out-of-state traveler. Now that we’ve seen his personal financial disclosure, it’s becoming clear why — after all, it’s a lot easier to regularly leave Missouri when you’ve got donors footing the bill.

Last year, private sources paid for almost $325,000 in travel and housing expenses for Eric Greitens to rub elbows with out-of-state millionaire megadonors and prominent Republicans.

If you’re starting to smell a conflict of interest, that’s because most of Greitens’ travel was paid for by one of his biggest donors, who also owns the building that houses Greitens’ dark money organization, A New Missouri.

Among other fancy out-of-state functions and fundraisers, Greitens has spent the better part of his time in office attending events in Iowa, Nebraska, New York, Michigan, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Las Vegas, Miami, Colorado, and Washington, DC at least 6 times.

But if you can’t find Eric Greitens schmoozing millionaire donors in another state, just check his lake house — though you probably won’t get a good answer on who paid for it.

Greitens used an LLC to buy the $750,000 lakefront property, which means we have no idea whether the home was a gift from another dark money donor. To add to the confusion, the bill for the property tax on the 6-bedroom house was sent to another of Greitens’ long-time donors.

So while we try to keep tabs on Grietens, one thing has become very clear: he is bought and paid for by dark money donors who send him on extravagant trips and may have even bought him a house.

Looks like the only think keeping him in Missouri are the court appearances that are piling up. After all, so far he has two felony charges under his belt, and there are ongoing investigations into whether he blackmailed a woman he abused, violated open records laws with an app that deletes messages, and stole a list of donors from a veterans charity.