February 8, 2018/Blog

Even Top Republican Officials ‘Aren’t Buying’ the Greitens Tax Plan

Top Republican officials in Missouri “aren’t buying” the tax plan that Eric Greitens will be trying to tout at a photo-op visit to a campaign donor’s business in the St. Louis area today.

Here’s what top GOP officials are saying:

  • GOP State Senator Ron Richard told the Kansas City Star: “The governor’s tax plan I don’t think is valid. It’s got some holes in it. I think it raises taxes.
  • According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Republican “Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Dan Brown of Rolla also gave the plan a thumbs-down.

“The only thing propping up Eric Greitens’ unpopular Kansas-styled tax disaster seems to be his dark money group, which is spending $1 million on TV ads in an attempt to distract from his alleged blackmail scandal that’s currently under grand jury investigation.”

Missouri Democratic Party Spokesperson Sam Newton.