July 13, 2017/Blog

Eric Greitens is Trying to Use Dark Money to Hide His Harmful Budget Slashes

Eric Greitens is once again trying to hide how his lack of leadership and self-serving priorities are hurting older Missourians and working families.

First, Greitens announced more than $250 million in expenditure restrictions and other harmful cuts to healthcare, public education and wages at the last-minute before a Holiday weekend.

And now, the Governor’s dark money group is launching ads around the state in an attempt to provide more cover for his policies that hurt working Missourians in order to benefit billionaires and big corporations.

In response, Missouri Democratic Party Chair stated:

“No matter how many dark money ads Eric Greitens tries to hide behind, Missourians are going to notice when they’re bearing the brunt of his deep slashes to healthcare, public education, and wages — especially as the billionaires and big corporations who donate to Republicans continue to benefit.”

Additionally, more than a dozen Democratic lawmakers and candidates in Missouri flooded social media with videos last week to call out Republicans in Jefferson City for cutting the MOrx program, which forces over 63,000 older Missourians to pay higher prescription drug costs.