June 13, 2017/Blog

Betsy DeVos Has a Secret Meeting with Missouri GOP Megadonor Rex Sinquefield Today. We Created an Agenda for Them…

As Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and Missouri Republican Megadonor Rex Sinquefield are holding a secret meeting today, the Missouri Democratic Party is revealing the likely agenda to highlight the role the fellow billionaires play in influencing Missouri’s Republicans and slashing resources from Missouri’s public schools.

The closed-door meeting comes as President Donald Trump and Republicans in DC are aiming to slash over $9 billion from America’s public school system to pay for voucher programs for private schools.

AGENDA: Meeting between Betsy DeVos and Rex Sinquefield (6/13/17)

  1. How to Make Sure Missouri’s Republicans Stay Silent on Massive Cuts to the State’s Public Schools (Note: Roy Blunt has already spoken out, but so far the rest of the delegation is silent)
  2. Strategy Session on Boosting the Corporate For-Profit School Industry
  3. Discussion of Private and Charter School Options in Rural Missouri (POSTPONED INDEFINITELY)
  4. Best Practices for Masking the Negative Impact of Shifting Resources from Public Schools to Private Schools (Tip: Use euphemisms like “school choice” even though being handed a voucher to a faraway private school in rural Missouri doesn’t make any sense)
  5. Intro Briefing on the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)
  6. Conference Call with Koch Brothers
  7. Influencing Missouri Republican Politicians 101 (Note: Secretly donating to dark money groups like A New Missouri, Inc. is a good, new opportunity)
  8. Potential Trump Administration Appointments for Rex Sinquefield and Other Billionaire Friends

Missouri Democratic Party Chair Stephen Webber added,

“No matter what they actually discuss, the Trump/DeVos budget that slashes our public schools to pay for private school vouchers makes it clear that the conversation between the fellow billionaires will be completely out-of-touch with Missouri’s working families.”