January 9, 2018/Blog

10 Things You WON’T Hear Eric Greitens Say During His State of the State Tomorrow

After spending much of his first year in the Governor’s mansion engaging in secretive, corrupt politics as usual, the Missouri Democratic Party is releasing ten things you will NOT hear Eric Greitens say in his State of the State speech tomorrow:

10. “Sorry for the delay, but I’m releasing my tax returns tomorrow.”

9. “Also, here’s a list of how much the lobbyists, bankers, and big corporations paid to fund my inauguration.”

8. “I’m proud of the comprehensive ethics legislation we passed under my leadership.”

7. “I spent last year here in Missouri instead of traveling the country to promote myself like a typical politician.”

6. “I’m going to protect public schools — and the Board of Education is running very smoothly.”

5. “I’m not under investigation for breaking state public records law.”

4. “I’ve never been fined by the Missouri Ethics Commission for violating campaign ethics law.”

3. “It’s easier than ever for over 60,000 Missouri seniors to afford the prescription drugs they need.”

2. “It’s a bipartisan consensus, there’s no corruption in the Governor’s mansion on my watch.”

1. “There is no place for dark money in Missouri politics.”