Will Baskin-Gerwitz

Welcome to your final This Week in #MoSen, your weekly recap of the highs and lows of Missouri’s Senate race, where we’re officially out of witty lines for this intro sentence.

#FixCongressII (Now with 100% More GOTV): Jason’s in the midst of an eight-day Get Out The Vote bus tour. Kicking off in Carruthersville on Monday, he (and some special guests) are crossing the state getting Missourians fired up to vote. As the focus switches to the ground game in a race where nearly every poll is tied, Jason and his supporters are making sure everyone is putting in the work needed to win.

Closing Time: It’s time for closing arguments on the airwaves in Missouri, and folks are making sure the decision couldn’t be clearer for Missouri’s voters. Majority Forward is out with “Choice,” asking Missourians to pick between “America at its best” in Jason Kander and “Washington at its worst” in Senator Blunt. The DSCC, meanwhile, has also put up two new ads highlighting Senator Blunt’s 20 years in Washington as a career politician putting himself, his family, and his lobbyist donors before Missourians.

For-Profit or For-Students?: Senator Blunt’s week got off to a bad start, as a thorough investigation in the KC Star shed light on his shady connections to for-profit colleges. Senator Blunt has taken over $100,000 from the for-profit college industry and its lobbyists—several of whom used to work for Blunt—while rolling back crucial regulations designed to stop for-profits from exploiting students and veterans. Specifically, Senator Blunt still refuses to answer for a donation from Bridgepoint Education, a for-profit education company currently under federal investigation that had to forgive $24 million in student loans for misleading students.

#JoeKnows: More than 2,000 people packed the Pageant in St. Louis Friday to see the Jason and Joe show. A raucous crowd was rapt with attention hearing the Vice President’s views on the middle class, the “Afghanistan generation,” and why Missouri needs to send Jason to the Senate. On Biden’s words, St. Louisans are out knocking doors and calling voters to make sure Jason gets there this January.

In the Club, or Out?: We’re officially past the “tragedy” point in the saga of Senator Blunt swapping out his Missouri residency for Washington, D.C. and have reached the realm of farce. Last Friday morning, Politico’s Playbook scooped the Blunt family’s prospective membership to the Washington-area Chevy Chase Country Club, with its $80,000 membership fee. Realizing that this probably wasn’t what they wanted in the news right now, the Blunt family hurriedly retracted their membership application—but simply drew more attention to the story.

Endorsed: Jason received the support of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch in an endorsement that laid out the #MoSen stakes in the clearest terms possible. Jason is a “veteran of the war in Afghanistan with a clear moral standard…[who] can help quell the partisan extremism ripping Washington apart.” As for Senator Blunt? “He has repeatedly ignored conflicts of interest… Blunt defines the Washington problem, not the solution.

Headline of the Week: Per The Washington Post, Republicans’ opinion of Senator Blunt now is, um, not great:

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