Will Baskin-Gerwitz

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – It’s been 24 years since career politician Roy Blunt lost the Republican primary election for Governor in 1992, forcing him into the private sector—the only time in over 40 years Senator Blunt hasn’t held a political office.

Senator Blunt claims that he had a career as a teacher, but he only spent a couple of years in the profession before starting his political career in 1973 as Greene County Clerk. Since then, Senator Blunt has spent nearly every one of the 43 intervening years holding political office or running for another one.

The only time during that period that Senator Blunt hasn’t been in politics came not by choice, but when he lost. In 1992, then-Secretary of State Blunt ran to be Missouri’s governor, campaigning on a platform that included ethics and campaign finance reform. He didn’t even make it to the November ballot, however, losing in the Republican primary. Dumped out of office, Blunt had no choice but to lick his wounds and look for work out of politics, ultimately becoming president of Southwest Baptist University.

His time in the private sector – and in Missouri – didn’t last very long. In 1996, Blunt ran for Congress and won, starting a string of 20 uninterrupted years in Washington on Capitol Hill. Senator Blunt spent 14 years in the House of Representatives, much of that as Republican Whip, before moving to the Senate in 2010. Since heading to Washington, Senator Blunt hasn’t looked back, and the reformist platform for his gubernatorial campaign seems a distant memory—Senator Blunt now lives with his wife and son in a $1.6 million D.C. mansion, he’s praised the Citizens United decision and the rise of Super PACs, and he’s the only member of the Senate whose wife and every adult child is a lobbyist.

“Senator Blunt tells Missourians that he cares about their jobs, but it’s hard to believe that when he’s spent more than four decades as a career politician only looking out for his own and those of his lobbyist allies. When Senator Blunt’s found himself in the private sector, it was to bide his time before he could run for his next job in politics because he lost an election,” said Will Baskin-Gerwitz, Missouri Democratic Party spokesman. “The only jobs Senator Blunt knows how to create are for lobbyists and himself.”

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