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March 23, 2018 / Press Release

ICYMI: Desperate to Distract from Confide Investigation, Hawley Holds a Press Conference to Say Nothing

After months of turning a blind eye to corruption in Jefferson City and recently coming under fire for his sham investigation into the Governor's use of Confide, Josh Hawley held a press conference today in a desperate attempt to distract from the criticism he's been facing. The only problem? The press conference was about an ongoing investigation, so Hawley couldn't answer any questions. Why hold a press conference if you can't answer any questions? Because you're that desperate to change the subject, apparently.

March 23, 2018 / Press Release

ICYMI: Hawley’s Investigation into Greitens’ Use of Confide Was a Sham — and Missourians Noticed

It's been nearly a month since Josh Hawley cleared Governor Greitens of any wrongdoing in his use of text message deleting app Confide, and outrage over Hawley's handling of the case has only increased as the public learns more about the "investigation." On Tuesday, former state attorneys and a former MO Supreme Court justice slammed Josh Hawley’s “halfhearted” and “unbelievable” investigation in a letter, writing: “we are left to wonder if Hawley is protecting the governor or is simply incompetent.” The Kansas City Star Editorial Board wrote that Hawley’s investigation “was substandard, and therefore a disservice to all Missourians.”

March 22, 2018 / Press Release

#TBT: At Last Year’s Pastors and Pews Event, Josh Hawley Blamed Sex Trafficking on Sexual Revolution. What Will He Say This Time?

Today marks the start of the American Renewal Project’s 2018 “Pastors & Pews” event. Josh Hawley will likely be busy trying not to repeat last year's performance, which drew outrage over comments he made blaming sex trafficking on the cultural shift in the 1960s and 1970s -- a shift that led to the destigmatization of things like contraception in American society. Human trafficking experts such as Kimberly Mehlman-Orozco have strongly criticized Hawley's comments, saying that there is “absolutely no empirical evidence or research to suggest there was any uptick in human trafficking in the 1960s or ’70s, or that that’s when it started.”

March 22, 2018 / Press Release

One Month After Greitens’ Indictment, MDP Launches Eric Greitens Wheel of Misfortune

COLUMBIA, Mo. - As it becomes increasingly more clear that Governor Eric Greitens has no intentions of doing anything other than find scapegoats after being indicted by a grand jury for felony invasion of privacy a month ago, the Missouri Democratic Party is launching an official Eric Greitens “Wheel of Misfortune” to highlight how the governor has tried to blame everyone other than himself for his legal troubles.

March 22, 2018 / Press Release

ICYMI: Hawley’s Office Flails in Yet Another Desperate Attempt to Defend Sham Confide “Investigation”

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch and Jefferson City New-Tribune are reporting that Josh Hawley's office has attempted yet again to defend its "investigation" into the Governor's use of Confide, this time launching personal attacks against former MO state attorneys who criticized his sham "investigation" in a letter on Tuesday. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch wrote that in addition to the letter, Hawley already "faces other complaints stemming from his political campaign for state office," and is "facing criticism for how he handled free legal work done on his behalf during his campaign for attorney general."

March 21, 2018 / Press Release

Hypocritical Hawley Won’t Tell Missourians if He Supports McConnell, But is Happy to Fundraise with McConnell

As Josh Hawley comes under fire in Missouri for his sham investigation into the Governor's use of Confide, he is spending yet another work day in Washington D.C. for a closed-door fundraiser hosted by Mitch McConnell and the Republican Senate leadership. Hawley claims that he won't commit to voting for McConnell as majority leader, but today's fundraiser shows that he is perfectly comfortable using McConnell to fundraise for his campaign. It's no wonder Hawley wouldn't comment when asked about the event.

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