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June 12, 2017 / Blog

Senate GOP Hides from Trumpcare Just Like Missouri’s Republicans

As reports are making clear that Republicans in the U.S. Senate are planning to hide their draft Trumpcare bill from the American people until the last possible second, the Missouri Democratic Party is highlighting how Missouri’s Republicans in-particular have been running and hiding from the GOP’s disastrous and unpopular health care agenda.

June 8, 2017 / Press Release

MDP Statement on GOP Vote in Congress to Dismantle Post-2008 Protections from Wall Street

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Missouri Democratic Party Chair Stephen Webber released the following statement on today's vote in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives to dismantle rules designed to protect working families from Wall Street after the 2008 financial meltdown. The vote passed with support from all of Missouri’s Republicans in the House of Representatives.

June 7, 2017 / Press Release

RELEASE: Even Roy Blunt says Trump’s Cuts to Public Education are ‘Unacceptable’ – Do Other Missouri Republicans Agree?

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – As President Donald Trump is pushing to slash America’s public school system to pay for voucher programs that send taxpayer dollars to private schools - a move Education Secretary Betsy DeVos defended in a high-profile Congressional hearing yesterday - even Republican Senator Roy Blunt says he finds the massive overhaul “unacceptable,” while Missouri’s other Republicans in Congress have been silent.

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