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February 5, 2018 / Press Release

ICYMI: Hawley Megadonor Backs IL Gubernatorial Candidate Following Highly Controversial Ad

Today, Hawley megadonor Richard Uihlein gave $2 million to Republican Illinois gubernatorial candidate Jeanne Ives after she released an ad that has been widely rebuked by leaders in her own party as "anti-immigrant, 'racist,' 'sexist' and 'transphobic.'" Illinois GOP chairman Tim Schneider found the spot so repulsive that he called on Ives to pull it down.

February 5, 2018 / Press Release

ICYMI: On Six-Month Anniversary of Filing for Senate, Hawley Hides from His Own Party

On Saturday, the six-month anniversary of Hawley filing for Senate, the Kansas City Star reported that Hawley ducked out early from MOGOP Lincoln Days -- hiding from his own party rather than answer questions about his comments blaming the 1960s for sex trafficking, his embarrassingly low fundraising numbers, his controversial megadonor, or the rumors that Ann Wagner is considering challenging him for the nomination.

February 5, 2018 / Press Release

Six Months After Filing for Senate, Josh Hawley is Still Hiding

Six months ago, Josh Hawley officially filed his candidacy for U.S. Senate. Since then, Hawley has failed to hold a single public campaign event and has declined to comment on key issues. In fact, Hawley even spent the six month anniversary of filing for Senate hiding from his own party after suffering backlash over comments he made linking the sexual revolution to sex trafficking. Hawley also faced scrutiny over the failure of his Attorney General’s office to do its job.

February 2, 2018 / Press Release

ICYMI: Days 2-3 No Better for Josh Hawley as He Doubles Down on False Claim that the Sexual Revolution Caused Sex Trafficking

On Wednesday, the Kansas City Star reported that during a speech to the Missouri Renewal Project in December, Josh Hawley blamed sex trafficking on the sexual revolution of the 1960’s and 1970’s. Several local and national outlets were quick to follow-up on the Star report as experts pointed out the absurdity of Hawley's argument.

January 31, 2018 / Press Release

Roy Moore’s Top Funder Bankrolls Josh Hawley SuperPAC

Following the release of Josh Hawley’s embarrassingly low fundraising numbers in the fourth quarter of 2017, SuperPAC Club for Growth Action Missouri today announced that it has raised $2 million to support Josh Hawley's Senate campaign -- all from a single donor: Illinois businessman Richard Uihlein, who is best known for backing Roy Moore after he was accused of molesting women as young as 14.

January 31, 2018 / Press Release

Uh-Oh! Hawley’s Embarrassingly Low Fundraising Numbers Spell Trouble for His Senate Campaign

Today, The Kansas City Star reported that Josh Hawley raised less than $960,000 in the fourth quarter of 2017. Hawley’s numbers are so low that he waited until the very last minute to release them. With an average donation of $761 in Q4 2017 and less than 1,500 total donors, Hawley’s embarrassingly low numbers confirm that he is failing to gain grassroots energy, and is instead relying on millionaires, billionaires, and special interests to fund his campaign for Senate.

January 30, 2018 / Press Release

Will Josh Hawley Tell Missourians Where He Stands on Steve Wynn?

The Missouri Democratic Party is calling on Josh Hawley to publicly disavow former RNC Finance Chairman Steve Wynn, following a Wall Street Journal report that uncovered a pattern of sexual misconduct by Wynn. Several national Republicans have already publicly condemned Wynn, including U.S. Senator Susan Collins, but Hawley has remained silent on the issue.

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