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April 19, 2018 / Press Release

ICYMI: Mark Reardon to Josh Hawley on The Mission Continues: Why Did You Just Start Looking At This?

This week, a caller asked talk radio host Mark Reardon if he thought the Governor's problems presented "a great opportunity for a guy running for senator to try to unseat a Democrat senator to shine." Reardon responded saying in part, "Well, I think the answer is pretty clear... There's political motivation here... [Hawley,] why did you just start looking at this right now when you had the information a long time ago?" This is not the first time someone has noted the possible political motivations behind Hawley's investigation into the Governor. University of Missouri political science professor Peverill Squire recently told the Kansas City Star, "I think Hawley is clearly doing what’s in his political interests given his Senate campaign."

April 18, 2018 / Press Release

Is Hawley’s Work As Attorney General Being Decided By His Campaign?

Today, National Journal's Josh Kraushaar tweeted that while Josh Hawley's campaign said they were going to release their Q1 2018 fundraising numbers last week, they "got distracted by breaking Greitens news." Politico's Jake Sherman immediately noted that this excuse raises concerning questions about whether Hawley's political campaign is somehow involved with his official duties as attorney general.

April 18, 2018 / Press Release

ICYMI: Hawley Waited Until Greitens Became Political Toxic to Investigate Charity Wrongdoing, Giving Local Prosecutor Only a Few Days to File Charges

Yesterday, Josh Hawley held a press conference to announce that he is turning over evidence to the St. Louis Circuit Attorney regarding Governor Greitens' use of a charity donor list. What Hawley conspicuously avoided telling reporters was that he sat on the case for so long that the prosecutor now has only three days before the statute of limitations expires to file charges.

April 17, 2018 / Press Release

Tax Day 2018: Republican Tax Plan Serves Wealthy Corporations and Big Drug Companies

Today is tax day, and evidence shows that the recently passed Republican tax bill is already disproportionately benefitting "the wealthy and company shareholders, rather than middle-class workers." Pharmaceutical companies are among those who have benefited most from the plan and are using their billions of dollars in savings to enrich themselves -- all while raising drug prices and leaving many Missourians struggling to afford their prescriptions.

April 13, 2018 / Press Release

TWO YEARS AGO: Hawley Pledges to Clean Up Corruption in Jefferson City

Exactly two years ago today, Josh Hawley pledged to "create a corruption unit to tackle misuse of public office" in Jefferson City as part of "a series of ethics-related policies" he proposed during his run for Attorney General. Since taking office, Hawley has not only failed to deliver on his promise to clean up the capitol, but has himself perpetuated the culture of corruption in Jefferson City.

April 12, 2018 / Press Release

Will Hawley Finally Return $50,000 He Received from Governor Greitens?

Yesterday, a Missouri House committee released a disturbing report including credible testimony from a woman who says Greitens "initiated a physically aggressive unwanted sexual encounter with [her] and threatened to distribute a partially nude photo of her if she spoke about it." In the aftermath of the report, will Josh Hawley -- who has previously lamented the degradation of morality in American society -- finally return the $50,000 in contributions he received from Governor Greitens during Hawley's race for Attorney General?

April 11, 2018 / Press Release

ICYMI: St. Louis Attorney: Josh Hawley Willing to Look the Other Way in Governor’s Destruction of Public Documents

St. Louis Post-Dispatch columnist Tony Messenger emphasized the importance of a lawsuit filed by Attorney Mark Pedroli against Governor Greitens for allegedly violating Sunshine Law through his use of the text message-deleting app Confide. Messenger notes that Pedroli's lawsuit is critical "as it relates to the future of democracy in the state of Missouri." Pedroli recently filed a response to the Governor's motion to dismiss his lawsuit, which said in part, "...according to the Defendants, the Governor and Office of Governor can destroy whatever public documents they want, without ramification, so long as the Office of Governor is fortunate enough to have an Attorney General Office (“AGO”) willing to look the other way."

April 11, 2018 / Press Release

Hawley Allows Corruption to Reign as Missouri Ethics Commission Languishes

The Kansas City Star editorial board slammed Governor Grietens for dragging his feet in appointing new members to the Missouri Ethics Commission (MEC), which has lacked the quorum necessary to meet for nearly a month. As the editorial board noted, the Governor's inaction conveniently prevents the commission from examining an ethics complaint against him. Attorney General Josh Hawley is also facing an ethics complaint before the commission. This may explain why Hawley -- who campaigned on a promise to clean up corruption in Jefferson City -- has remained silent as the MEC languishes.

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