What Sarah Supports: Dangerous Rand Paul Republican Budget Eliminates Medicare by 2014

The Paul Budget Would End Medicare Guarantee and Cut Social Security Benefits by 30 Percent
Jefferson City, Mo.--Last week after the Senate voted down an extreme budget proposal from Sen. Rand Paul, Sarah Steelman made sure to let voters know that she stands with the extremists and would have voted for the Paul Budget. The Paul Budget, described as one of the most extreme proposals put forth in the Senate, would end the Medicare guarantee by 2014 and cut Social Security benefits by 30 percent.
“Sarah Steelman’s support of the Paul Budget is the clearest example yet of the dangerous, hyper-partisan views she has on the economy,” said Caitlin Legacki, spokeswoman for the Missouri Democratic Party. “As a self-professed ‘economist by training,’ Steelman should know exactly how reckless this budget proposal would be—eliminating Medicare by 2014 and wiping out the federal student loans that allow so many middle class families to send their kids to college. While Sarah Steelman continues to gain traction in the Republican primary by trying to be more conservative than Todd Akin and John Brunner, her support for the special interest agenda would have a devastating impact on Missouri’s middle class families.”
The Paul budget puts the burden of lowering the national on debt on seniors and middle-class families while making sure Big Oil and multi-millionaires can keep their tax breaks. The budget also doubles House Republican Budget’s discretionary spending over 5 years by eliminating the departments of Education, Energy, Commerce and Housing and Urban Development.
The Paul Bugdet was a part of a series of four extreme Republican Budgets that were voted down in Senate. The Paul Budget received the fewest amount of votes, 16, with a vast majority of Republicans saying it was just too extreme for them to support.
According to Eli Yokley at PoliticMo:
"A spokesperson for Steelman said if Steelman were in the Senate, she would have voted in favor of all four budget proposals." [PoliticMo.com, 5/18/12]
Despite attacking others for their votes on these measures, John Brunner’s highly-paid consultants refuse to say how he’d vote on these extreme budget proposals. Brunner previously expressed support for both versions of the Republican Plan to End Medicare as we know it, while Rep. Todd Akin voted twice to pass the same proposal.
The Paul Budget would end the Medicare guarantee. While the Paul Budget doesn’t explicitly include the House Republican plan to end Medicare as we know it, it does propose moving Medicare to a “free-market based” plan in 2014, cutting more than $1 trillion to seniors in the next 10 years, which could end the Medicare guarantee, cut benefits, and raise out-of-pocket costs for seniors. [DPCC, 5/15/12]
The Paul Budget slashes Social Security benefits. Paul would balance the budget on the backs of seniors and the middle class, cutting Social Security benefits by a whopping 30 percent for Missouri’s seniors. Likewise, the Lee Budget would eliminate Social Security benefits altogether for millions of Americans. [DPCC, 5/15/12]   
The Paul Budget is even more radical than the House Republican Budget and the Toomey Budget. The Paul Budget doubles the House Republican Budget’s discretionary spending cuts over 5 years and eliminates the Departments of Education, Energy, Commerce and HUD. [DPCC, 5/15/12]
The Paul Budget cuts funding for Pell grants by $6 billion in 2013. This would substantially reduce the value of Pell grants at a time when college costs are increasing, making it harder for tens of thousands of middle class kids to attend college. [DPCC, 5/15/12]
The Paul budget slashes health care programs outside of Medicare. It would repeal the Affordable Care Act and block grant Medicaid, substantially increasing the number of uninsured Americans and shifting costs to states and low-income households. [DPCC, 5/15/12]