What Sarah Supports: Dangerous Mike Lee Republican Budget Ends Medicare Guarantee by 2017

Budget Proposed By Steelman Supporter Would Institute Flat Tax; Brunner Still Hiding on Key Budget Issues
Jefferson City, Mo.--Last week the Senate voted down the extreme budget proposed by Sarah Steelman supporter Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) by overwhelming margins because of the devastating impact it would have on America's economy. Yet once again, Sarah Steelman choose to side with the extreme fringe element of her party by saying that she would support this budget that would elimination of the Medicare guarantee by 2017 and replace our tax system with a regressive flat tax that would give millions in tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans while dramatically raising taxes on middle class families. 
Meanwhile, Senate candidate John Brunner continues to attack others for their positions on these budgets, but has refused to say where he stands on any of them. Brunner's tactic of asking for votes while refusing to say how he'd vote smacks of a typical Washington politician.
“Sarah Steelman continues to paint an ugly picture of the extremist Senator she hopes to be, one who is beholden to the needs of special interests and ignores Missouri's middle class families,” said Caitlin Legacki, spokeswoman for the Missouri Democratic Party. “In the race to end Medicare, the Lee Budget came is only behind Sen. Rand Paul's dangerous budget, which Sarah Steelman also supports. Instead of finding ways to raise taxes on middle class families and ending Medicare, Sarah Steelman should use her economics degree to find responsible solutions to our fiscal crisis, but it's clear Sarah's not interested in helping Missouri's families. By supporting the flat tax in Sen. Lee's budget, Sarah Steelman has indicated that her solution to our nation's budget crisis is to shift the tax burden on to Missouri's middle class families who are already working hard to make ends meet while giving more federal handouts to corporations and mega-millionaires.”
Sen. Mike Lee was one of Steelman's first major endorsers and has had a clear influence on the tone of Steelman's campaign, as she's increasingly tried to appeal to extreme tea party groups. 
The Lee Bugdet was a part of a series of four extreme Republican Budgets that were voted down in Senate last week. The Lee Budget received very few votes, just 17, with a vast majority of Republicans saying it was just too extreme for them to support.
According to Eli Yokley at PoliticMo: "A spokesperson for Steelman said if Steelman were in the Senate, she would have voted in favor of all four budget proposals." [PoliticMo.com, 5/18/12]
Despite attacking others for their votes on these measures, John Brunner’s highly-paid consultants refuse to say how he’d vote on these extreme budget proposals. Brunner previously expressed support for both versions of the Republican Plan to End Medicare as we know it, while Rep. Todd Akin voted twice to pass the same proposal. Also, both have supported separate proposals that call for a flat tax.
The Lee Budget
Social Security: Calls for a flat $1200 benefit regardless of the extent to which an individual has worked and contributed into the system. [DPCC, 5/15/12]
Medicare: Adopts a premium support approach that threatens to increase seniors’ costs and undermine Medicare’s guaranteed benefits, ending Medicare as we know it by 2017.  [DPCC, 5/15/12]
Medicaid: Radically changes the program ending the guarantee of health care for lowincome children, pregnant women, the disabled and seniors.  [DPCC, 5/15/12]
Tax Reform: Replaces the current tax system with a regressive flat tax.  [DPCC, 5/15/12]
  • Study: Flat Income Tax Would Result in Huge Tax Cut for Wealthiest Americans, Tax Increases for Everyone Else. According to a study conducted by Citizens for Tax Justice, proposals to replace the progressive personal income tax with a “Flat Tax” would result in an enormous tax cut for the wealthiest 5% of taxpayers, while increasing taxes on the bottom 95% of American taxpayers. [Citizens for Tax Justice, 2/19/10]