Dave Spence Continues to Shirk Responsibility, Mislead On College Degree

In an interview today on KMOX radio’s Mike Reardon Show, Dave Spence was once again asked why he falsely claimed to have received an Economics degree from the University of Missouri’s School of Business, and once again Spence refused to take responsibility for his actions – blaming “a campaign staffer” for the error.  In fact, a 1989 St. Louis Post Dispatch article indicates that Spence, who received a degree in Home Economics offered by a different school within the university, has been exaggerating his academic credentials for decades.  [Associated Press, 1/12/12; St. Louis Post Dispatch, 1/2/1989]
“It’s bad enough that Spence was caught touting a degree he never received from a school he never attended, but it’s worse that he continues to blame his campaign staff for what was clearly a concerted effort going back at least 23 years to exaggerate his academic credentials,” said Isaac Wright of the Missouri Democratic Party.  “Enough is enough.  Until Spence comes clean and accepts responsibility, Missouri voters will have a very tough time believing anything the guy says.”
The same false boasts of a degree from the University of Missouri’s College of Business appear in a 1989 Post-Dispatch article in which Spence told the paper he earned a degree from the Business School at the University of Missouri, despite the fact Spence was recently forced to admit his degree is in Home Economics because he didn't have the grades necessary to attend the Business School. [Post-Dispatch, 1/10/12; Associated Press, 1/12/12]