Dave Spence Continues To Be Dishonest About Academic Record


AUGUST 7, 2012

On Election Eve, Dave Spence Continues To Be Dishonest About Academic Record

GOP Candidate Doubles Down On Debunked Excuses

In a pre-primary interview with KOMU yesterday, Dave Spence reiterated his now-debunked excuses for repeatedly posing as an “Economics” major from the University of Missouri School of Business, when in fact Spence’s degree was in “Home Economics” and “his grades did not meet the threshold to enter the Business School.”    Amazingly, Dave Spence is still blaming a campaign “staffer” for what was clearly a deliberate effort to inflate his academic credentials dating back more than 20 years.  In an April editorial, St. Louis Post Dispatch wrote that this explanation, and others Spence has offered for his actions on the board of a bailed-out bank, “lack the ring of truth.”

“Six months after Dave Spence should have simply taken responsibility and apologized to voters for trying to pawn off his home economics degree as an economics degree from a school he never even attended, Spence is still pushing the same debunked story that this was a staffer error.  Voters understand that people make mistakes, but by repeatedly misrepresenting his own resume – and then blaming someone else – Dave Spence has raised serious questions about his credibility and character.   Spence  needs to ask himself: would he have tolerated the same type of behavior from an employee at his bank?”  

Spence on KOMU: "Well it was a seven day phenomenon. One of our staffers made a mistake on a piece of campaign literature. It was out for seven days, and I'll tell you how it happened. We just sponsored an entrepreneur alliance program in the Trulaske School of Business. One of our staffers just assumed I had an economics degree. It was brought to my attention. I've never denied the degree I have, and we quickly changed it.”



The evidence is overwhelming that Spence has repeatedly and deliberately misled members of the press and voters about his academic background – dating all the way back to 1989.

Post-Dispatch, 1989 (Attached)

PRESIDENT: David Spence, 30. Graduate of Kirkwood High School, 1980 graduate of the College of Business and Public Administration, University of Missouri-Columbia. Single, describes his background as ''entrepreneurial.'' SECRETS OF SUCCESS: Buy the latest, state-of-the-art equipment. Build sales with individualized service and fast, responsive decision making. Plow the profits back into plant and equipment.  [St.Louis Post Dispatch, 1/2/89] 

Spence campaign lit, 2011 (Attached)

“After high school, Dave attended University of Missouri-Columbia School of business and earned a degree in Economics.”

97.1 Talk Radio, 2011 (Attached)

“Dave attended University of Missouri-Columbia School of Business and earned a degree in Economics.” 

Associated Press, 2011

“As an aspiring 26-year-old entrepreneur who had recently earned an economics degree at MU, Spence said he was turned down by a dozen banks before he finally got a loan to purchase a packaging business.”

Kirksville Daily Express, 2012

“His campaign website has stated he ‘earned a degree in Economics’ and Spence…referenced that at numerous stops in the first few weeks of his campaign.”

KTVO, 2012

“He graduated from Kirkwood High School in Kirkwood and attended University of Missouri-Columbia where he earned a degree in Economics.”