Akin Doubles Down in Fight Over Student Loans

            Akin Stands by “Stage III Cancer” Remark, Says it Also Applies to Minimum Wage

Jefferson City, Mo.-- In his ongoing effort to stake his claim as the most conservative candidate in Missouri Senate primary, Todd Akin doubled down yesterday on his remarks about student loans that garnered national attention and rebuke from President Barack Obama. In an interview with KMOX radio, Akin said that he doesn’t regret the comparison he made Saturday and expanded his sentiment to include many federal efforts, including the minimum wage.
“No wonder President Obama took the fight over student loans directly to Todd Akin on national television: Todd Akin continues to set the standard for conservatism in the Missouri Senate primary, despite best efforts from John Brunner and Sarah Steelman to keep up,” said Caitlin Legacki, Missouri Democratic Party spokeswoman. “If Todd Akin had his way, many Missouri students would immediately see their student loan interests rates double and the minimum wage would be abolished. While Todd Akin, John Brunner and Sarah Steelman continue to leapfrog over each other to be more conservative, these policies are just woefully irresponsible.”
At a debate Saturday, Akin, Brunner and Steelman all refused to endorse the Democratic plan to prevent interest rates on subsidized Stafford student loans from doubling this summer on July 1 for nearly 7.5 million students. If Congress does not act before July 1, the current rate of 3.4 percent would double.
At an event Wednesday, President Obama cited Akin\\\\\\\'s remarks comparing federal student loans to Stage III cancer as among the most extreme in Congress. In an interview yesterday, Akin refused once again to apologize and expanded his sentiment to other areas of federal spending:
‪HOST: That\\\'s probably the reason why tuition is skyrocketing as high as it is because you are not at market value.
‪AKIN: Exactly, you hit the nail right on the head. And you see whenever the government gets into the price-setting business whether it’s the price of a student loan or how much you should pay for a car or whatever, how much money you should be paid if you get a job like minimum wage or any of those kinds of things.
‪When the government gets into that business it distorts the market place, creates all kinds of chaos and makes the system tremendously inefficient.
What you\\\'re doing is you\\\'re rewarding schools for over charging for education when you have the government going in there and artificially pumping up and supporting these loans.